Chasing Pac (9-piece Set)

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This Pac-Man 9-piece set can be positioned so many ways! This is definitely a must-have for any game room or anyone that loves classic pop culture aesthetics!

Pac-Man canvas - 24”x1”x24”

Ghosts - 20”x1”x20”

Dots - 6”x1”x6”

*Hand painted ORIGINAL

*Price includes shipping in the U.S. 


*Please allow 2-3 business days for processing and custom packaging. 

Why choose Brian Garcia Paints?

Gallery Quality

My art is the same quality as world class galleries. Brian Garcia Paints is recognized as a standard for High-Quality Canvas Art.

Durable Frames

My Wood Frames are made of 100% Real Pine for Large Size Canvases (i.e. 60x30, 40x60) Finger Jointed Reinforced Frames.

Authentic Art
Who Is Brian Garcia?

Brian is the artist behind all of the designs at BG Paints. Everything is handmade.